Thursday, December 30, 2010

a late christmas

Hello everyone, today I got back from my brothers house and before that I was in CT with my mother my grandmother and my great grandma, my great grandma didn't know we were coming she was very upset when my dad my sister and me got to her house we were going to spend Christmas with them but we only stayed two nights and we left on Christmas day and that's when we went back to my older brothers house (we went to hes house on the way to CT) so after all this my dad and my mom said that we will have Christmas and new years when mom gets home, when I was at David's house (older brother) i was watching a LOT of wizards of waverly place and suit life on deck and it talk about being greener and made me want to help the planet and made me want to go back to marine biology, well i am really tired and hungry so I'm gonna get something to eat and then chill :) later everyone read again soon.

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