Tuesday, June 15, 2010

before club meeting

this going to be a short post today because I have to go down the to Corie's and, Ashley's house for club meeting I really hope it doesn't rain because we are doing tie-dye t-shirts today and I think we are doing them out side and we all know that the color will mix together if you ask me it might look cool but we would end up with wet clothes I'll post what we do later today later, I have to go do stuff read again soon.

Monday, June 14, 2010

just a thought

I went to gymnastics tonight and try to do a backhand spring, and well I didn't put my hands down and ended up doing a back tuck and landing on my knees and my head flew backward and my stomach went forward, and well lets just say my back know hurts not much it only hurts when I go backward, okay new thing to talk about I have to make some crafts for the yard sale, I say what I'm doing I have put out a "junk box" Its a box that you put some were in the house and you save plastic, bottles and caps and other stuff like that and when the box is full you make crafts and cards and you can give them as gifts, well that's what I'm doing I hope they sell because crafts don't really sell to good but maybe since its for a good cause, I can't wait till he yard sale, also Corie and, Ashley and I are going to grow plants like flowers and try to sell them. okay I'm really sleepy so I'm going to go water the dogs and go to bed. read again soon.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

another random thought

YAY Corie and, I said that we were going to donate together after all, she wanted the money from her yard sale to go to a different website then I did so now we are going to donate to both of the places, one place is a big cat place (that is the one Corie likes) and a place that is for lots of animals (that is the one that I really like)
I'm really happy about the whole thing. any way I did more math today I'm still doing the same lesson but its a little bit hard for me its for 6th to 8th graders and I'm almost in 6th grade so it goes right to hard stuff in the 3erd lesson mom says I need to go back and do the 4th to 6th graders, well I gotta go to bed soon so talk to you soon about whatever lol.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

club stuff

Corie, Ashley, and I are going to donate to some different kinds of animals we each have animals that we want to help so we are going to go in age order (Ashley first then Corie then me) if you read my last post my mom and me were going to have a yard sale and the money I get is going to the donation box, Corie and Ashley are having a different yard sale and they want there money to go to the box also and we would give the money away, at least that was the plan then Corie said that she didn't want her money going to Ashley's animals so she wants to do this by herself, she wants to earn the money by herself, she wants to donate by herself were does that leave me? I'm trying to talk her into still doing it as a club thing, and to sell the stuff we make together, and make together because it's actually fun to do this kind of stuff together as a group small group but still a group, I really hope to change her mind. read again soon.


Friday, June 11, 2010

tigers and sea turtles

I had a very good day today I went down the hill to my cousins house (Ashley 6 and Corie 10) we have a club and we had a planing meeting or whatever you want to call it, and yesterday me, and Corie we're talking about tigers and sea turtles and we made up our minds that the club was going to earn up some money and donate it to some different animals like sea turtles and tigers and some other animals, we have to come up with ideas to earn the money I have some but there not that great I cant wait till the yard sale me, and my mom are throwing. yay. till next time thanks for reading.


camp camp camp

hello all you bloggers out there, I'm 11 years old and believe it or not I have never gone to any kind of summer camp but this year I am, not just any camp an ocean camp its so exiting because I've never really gone in the water, I mean I've got in the waves but that's it I'm really really exited, at the camp there's snorkeling, fish catching,and a boat ride around the water it sounds so fun, and I get to be on the beach pretty much every day that may not be a big deal for people who live at the beach or near the beach, but it is 4 hours to the closes beach for me so this is a big deal and after the pick up at the end of the day I get to go to the beach with my family I'm so exited yay thanks for reading!!