Monday, June 14, 2010

just a thought

I went to gymnastics tonight and try to do a backhand spring, and well I didn't put my hands down and ended up doing a back tuck and landing on my knees and my head flew backward and my stomach went forward, and well lets just say my back know hurts not much it only hurts when I go backward, okay new thing to talk about I have to make some crafts for the yard sale, I say what I'm doing I have put out a "junk box" Its a box that you put some were in the house and you save plastic, bottles and caps and other stuff like that and when the box is full you make crafts and cards and you can give them as gifts, well that's what I'm doing I hope they sell because crafts don't really sell to good but maybe since its for a good cause, I can't wait till he yard sale, also Corie and, Ashley and I are going to grow plants like flowers and try to sell them. okay I'm really sleepy so I'm going to go water the dogs and go to bed. read again soon.


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