Saturday, June 12, 2010

club stuff

Corie, Ashley, and I are going to donate to some different kinds of animals we each have animals that we want to help so we are going to go in age order (Ashley first then Corie then me) if you read my last post my mom and me were going to have a yard sale and the money I get is going to the donation box, Corie and Ashley are having a different yard sale and they want there money to go to the box also and we would give the money away, at least that was the plan then Corie said that she didn't want her money going to Ashley's animals so she wants to do this by herself, she wants to earn the money by herself, she wants to donate by herself were does that leave me? I'm trying to talk her into still doing it as a club thing, and to sell the stuff we make together, and make together because it's actually fun to do this kind of stuff together as a group small group but still a group, I really hope to change her mind. read again soon.


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