Friday, March 23, 2012

country music

I have a confesion to make... I love country music I didnt listen to it for a long time, but then my sister started listening to a couple of songs and one thing lead to another and I started a country station on Pandora then another one then another one so finally I ended up with THREE country stations!!!!!!!!! I was raised in a very small, country town in Virginia I lived there for almost my entire life but left about a year ago. I love my home town but my family and me have some bad memorys there so sometimes its not my favorit place, and country music just reminds me of that town so after I left I tried to stop listening to much country stuff or do much country stuff but I can't help it I love it i love the beat and the lyrics and everything about it and I mean everything, from Miranda Lambert (she's awesome just listen to kerosen and you'll understand :P) to Tim McGraw. Now don't get me wrong I don't only listen to country I'm the kinda person who loves all music, pop, rock, hio hop, jazz, country, etc. I don't think I could live without music, I mean how did those people in footloose survive before Kevin bacon came to town?!?! Back to the topic at hand I write songs sometimes and so I started writing a couple country songs (not very good ones) but I write sing and speak country music :) my family doesn't care for much country music for example my brother Daniel walked in the living room the other day and I was listening to hell on heels (by pistol annies) and these where Daniels exact words ''eww what are you listening to?!?!?!'' I would be affended but I don't really care that much what he thinks about my music! My sister Tyler will turn on some country every once in a while but not that often. And my oldest brother david likes alot of stuff (he has an awesome taste in music) but if you look at his music you prolly can't find one single country song. David and I record covers of songs sometimes, mostly avenge sevenfold and some other stuff. he plays the gutair and I sing. He wants to do another song called chapter four (by avenged seven fold) it has singing and screaming in it I can't scream worth crap so he will play and scream and I'll sing! I love recording songs with him its so fun!!! I might talk to him about doing a country song it would be perfect cause most country songs use gutair and I love singing country songs!! But yeah that's my confession I love country!! :)
P.S. I am listening to country right now ahh good old Eric church!!
Well Bye for now.

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